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- Durable Stainless Steel Weighing Platform
- Accurate & Easy To Use Digital Scale
- High Precision With Capacity 10kg

- 100% Bahan Organik
- Baja Tidak Berbau
- Anti Serangan Serangga
- Membaiki Struktur pH Tanah

  •  Industrial Strength & Heavy Duty Hose
  •  Product is best for garden enthusiasts, landscape professionals, and contractor environments.
  •  PVC garden hose
  •  Light weight, soft, elastic and easy for moving
  •  Good durability, smooth take-in and out
  •  The ideal necessity for various use
  •  Made in the Malaysia


- Good for DIY projects
- Can be used for Diy furniture, boxes, drawer, frame
- Common tools for construction use. Suitable for ceiling, plywood beam construct.

Butane Gas Refill Can Consist Of High-Quality Gas For Used With Portable Gas Stove And Heating Torch For Soldering, Brazing, BBQ, Food Preparing And Etc. The Cylinder Is Designed With CRV (Counter Risk Release Vent) Which Will Not Explode Even Under Direct External Heating Which Caused Increase In Internal Pressure Of The Cylinder Can. Excessive Pressure Will Release Gas Through Dot-Shaped Explosion Proof Vents.