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- Baby Safety Anti-collision Strip Table Corner Anti-collision Protection Cover Table Side Treatment
- Select flexible pvc refined, buffer strength, improved collision resistance.
- It can also reduce home wear and tear.
- With 3m gum, good sticky, easy to clear


- Model: THTDC251001

- Material: Chromium-vanadium steel (Cr-V)

  •  Hook And Loop Backing Pad
  •  Quality Hook And Loop Backing Pad Plate
  •  Material: Plastic
  •  Hook And Loop Backing Pad Made With Premium Grade Durable Rubber, Flexible Backer.
  •  Flexible Rubber Backing Pad For Using Sanding Disc Or Diamond Polishing On Angle Grinders
  •  Ideal For Stone, Concrete Wet Or Dry Polishing.

-Made of high-quality material, durable and practical to use
-Scope of application: sandpaper polishing disc and steel paper polishing pad to polish the surface of wood, metal, stone, paint and other products

  •  Barrel Nuts and Dnut Cap are designed for use with Joint Connector Bolts where a right angle connection is needed.
  •  Suitable for cabinet, door, furniture, bed and others metric nut
  •  New item with high quality
  •  Size : M6 / M8
  •  Material : Zinc Plate
  •  Simply screwing the self tapping body into the material.
  • Carbon Steel hex socket head screw used extensively where fasten is needed.
  • Widely used in furniture industry, wind power industry, the aerospace industry, office equipment industry, petrochemical industry, the electronics industry, the communications industry, shipbuilding industry, environmental protection machinery, etc.
  • Fixing component, industrial and construction fasteners.

- Comprises A Carbon Steel Body With High Speed Steel Pilot Drill
- 3/8” 7/16'' Hex Shank That Is Suitable For Use With Power Drill
- Has A Screw Fitting And Further Benefits From Twin Locating Pins

 Attach With Hole Saw For Drill Mild Steel, Cast Iron, Brass, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Copper, Wood, And Plastic

TAC4201 (3/8'')
- TAC4202 (7/16'')

High Quality Product
- Easy To Use

How To Use:
Snap a basic line
- Hook the end and stretch the string tight so it crosses directly over your mark
- Reach out as far as you can and grab the string between your forefinger and thumb
- To chalk a line, lift the string straight up about 4 in, and release it

- Length: 30M
- With 1 Bottle Chalk
- With 1 Pcs Spirit Bubble


- Sharp Knife
- Serrated Knife
- Bottle Opener
- Can Opener
- Screwdriver SL 3mm
- Screwdriver SL 5mm
- Screwdriver SL 7mm
- Phillips Screwdriver
- Wood Saw
- Metal / Wood File
- Hook Disgorger / Remover
- Multipurpose Hook
- Combination Pliers With Flat Serrated Grip, Serrated Jaw, And Wire Cutter


- Model: THTIS5125

- Voltage: 1000V

- Material: Chromium-vanadium steel (Cr-V)

- Size: SL 5.5mm

- Length: 125mm


- Polish
- Anti-Rust Oil
- Easy To Bring Anywhere


- Polish

- Anti-Rust Oil

- Easy To Bring Anywhere


- Adjustable Driving Force
- Free 200 Pcs D-Type Staples
- Free 200 Pcs U-Type Staples
- Free 200 Pcs T-Type Staples


- Model: THT31143
- Dimensions: 115mm x 24mm x 155mm
- Length: D-type: 4-14mm / U-type: 10-12mm / T-type: 10-14mm
- Width: D-type: 11.3mm / U-type: 6.3mm, T-type: 2.0mm
- Thickness: All types: 1.2mm